Sixteen Colors Draw

ANSI Editor

We have begun work on an html5 based ANSI editor. If you would like to use the editor yourself, the code is available on GitHub. It is not yet a "drop-in" implementation, but as the project progresses we will simplify the process. For now, you can try it out and give us feedback (or contact us on twitter). We welcome any contributors, suggestions, or criticisms. The goal is to facilitate the continuance of ANSI art and ASCII art as a medium by making it available to as many people as possible.

Try it!


v1.2.3 06 MAY 2013

v1.2.2 25 APR 2013

v1.2.1 05 MAR 2013

v1.2.0 25 FEB 2013

v1.1.0 24 FEB 2013

v1.0.1 21 FEB 2013

v1.0.0 21 MAY 2012